My Top 10 Tracks: Tenek

Tenek are Geoff Pinckney and Pete Steer, a UK-based synth band with a sound that features shades of classic electronica fused with a contemporary twist: synthpop with futurepop leanings. Debut album Stateless was one of my favourite albums of 2009 and I recently reviewed (and loved!) their new single. Tenek’s highly-anticipated follow-up album On The Wire will be released next month; you can pre-order it here. I asked Pete for a list of his Top 10 favourite tracks: check it out below, with inspired picks from the likes of Nine Inch Nails, White Lies, and Ultravox!


1. Gary Numan — We Are Glass

Everybody always picks Cars or Are Friends Electric? but I actually prefer this as I think it’s more anthemic. Gary Numan was my first musical hero and what inspired me to want to be a musician.

2. David Bowie — Ashes To Ashes

I just love everything about this song, the lyrics and vocal delivery and the soaring synth solo at the end is truly stunning.

3. Thomas Dolby — One Of Our Submarines

Thomas Dolby was never quite as big as he should have been in the 80’s but he’s a musical genius. This atmospheric song has a great melody which I’ve always thought sounded slightly similar to the theme from The 6 Million Dollar Man!

4. Nine Inch Nails — Head Like A Hole

I first heard this in 1990 when a friend of mine came back from the USA with the Pretty Hate Machine CD. I like the way the track just lifts off in the chorus; it opened my music tastes to a harder style of electronic music than before.

5. Heaven 17 — Let Me Go

Not the obvious choice of song from them as I don’t think it even dented the charts but it’s a fantastic song with a great production. We actually got our band name from the Heaven 17 track Fascist Groove Thang – we thought it was the sound of the echo at the end!

6. White Lies — To Lose My Life

A more recent track for a change. I think the lyrics of this track are superb and their début album of the same name is quite something for such a young band. Fantastic chorus too!

7. Ultravox — All Stood Still

One of my favourite bands, this is such a powerful track and a perfect mix of guitar and electronics. Finally got to see them live last year for the first time and they didn’t disappoint.

8. Queens Of The Stone Age — Go With The Flow

My brother introduced me to this band and I was immediately hooked. This song has a great video and is from Songs For The Deaf which is one of my favourite albums of all time. I went to see them live in Brighton a few years back and it was the loudest gig I’ve ever been to, I couldn’t hear properly for days afterwards!

9. John Foxx — Burning Car

He was an innovator of electronic music in the late 70’s but didn’t really get the credit he deserved as others came along and had greater success. This is a great track with a fantastic lead synth line and cool, spooky atmosphere.

10. OMD — Messages (Single Version)

Again, not the obvious choice but I prefer this as it has a great sound and is much improved from the version on their début album. Have seen them live many times and they always put on a great show.


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