My Top 10 Tracks: Slave Republic

Slave Republic are a German synth/new-wave band whose début album Electric One was recently released on Accession Records, home to futurepop artists Assemblage 23 and SITD.  I really liked the album, it’s full of catchy songs and it put me in mind of IAMX and Duran Duran at their best. Slave Republic have worked with the likes of Olaf Wollschläger (And One, Paradise Lost) and Haujobb and are shortly going on tour with De/Vision and Diorama. I asked the band for a list of their Top 10 favourite tracks: here’s their selection!


1. Chrome — In A Dream

Because Chrome is a duo too. Perfect dialectics of coolness and passion.

2. Proper Filthy Naughty — Fascination

I also could have picked Loneliness by Tomcraft, but Proper Filthy Naughty are just that good.

3. Metric — Stadium Love

Something very recent. Time will show how good it really is, but for today it sounds pretty cool.

4. Burial — Archangel

Very dark, but not Gothic. Simply from the garage, it does not take much…

5. Klangstabil — You May Start

Even more passionate than Chrome (mostly at the end of the track), but sublimated by the Vocal-FX so it doesn’t crowd the listener.

6. Q Lazzarus — Goodbye, Horses

Heavy, dense. Was featured in The Silence Of The Lambs and was inspiration for one of the songs on Electric One, our début album.

7. Skinny Puppy — Smothered Hope

Heard it as I was in school and fell in love with it. Couldn’t believe that music like this existed!

8. O. Children — Ruins

New Wave, Joy Division… only 2010.

9. Propaganda — P-Machinery

Propaganda come from Düsseldorf,  the same home town as us. They are one of the bands that changed the perception about the German music scene at that time. Also from Düsseldorf: DAF, Kraftwerk, Die Krupps.

10. Slayer — Raining Blood

Nothing more to say to that…


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