My Top 10 Tracks: Rupesh Cartel

Throughout this month The Pansentient League is running a special feature where some of our favourite bands, DJs, and music personalities tell us about their Top 10 Songs. Each article includes a Spotify playlist so that you can listen in to the selection while reading the guest’s commentary.

Rupesh Cartel are Swedish duo Viktor Ginner and Daniel Gustafsson. Their blend of synthpop has been refined since they formed in 2005, culminating in last year’s album Anchor Bay. With so many great synthpop bands coming out of Sweden in the past few years, Rupesh Cartel stand out with their catchy songs and polished pop sound;  indeed, Anchor Bar was nominated for synth album of the year at Manifestgalan 2010. I asked the band to tell us about their 10 favourite songs. Viktor replied with the following list: as you’ll see, a rather varied and eclectic choice!


1. The Radio Dept. — Heaven’s On Fire

Really cool track that always gets me in a good mood. It’s nice to listen to something  cheerful for a change.

2. Zoo Brazil — Crossroads

Just an amazing track. We did a total rip off of it for a Color Theory remix.

3. Tiger Lou — Days Will Pass

This song has everything. Frontman Rasmus Kellerman is Sweden’s most talented artist, if you ask me.

4. ASCII Disko — Baphomet

I hardly know anything about this act. I just know that I like how I start headbanging every time I hear this song.

5. Slowdive — When The Sun Hits

So many songs to choose from with this band. But if I have to pick one so this is it.

6. Cult Of Luna — Ghost Trail

Of all the bands on this list, this is probably the one that I’ve listened to the most. This could well be their number one track.

7. Red House Painters — Katy Song

Beautiful, soft and sorrowful, as it pretty often is with this band. Listened to this track a thousand times at least.

8. Entombed — Damn Deal Done

Best metal band ever. Love this track.

9. Vangelis — Blade Runner Blues

Theme from one of my best movies ever. Can’t count the times I’ve had this song on. Sitting working in the light from the screen, or just sitting contemplating or whatever.

10. Arne Quick — Rosen

This Swedish golden oldie may seem kind of tacky or something. But I really love this song. “A rose red like blood.

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