My Top 10 Tracks: Freezepop

Freezepop are an American electropop band who released their first album Freezepop Forever in 2000. They’ve since released two more albums and a slew of excellent EPs, remix albums and singles. Freezepop’s tech-savvyness and geek-friendly attitude has resulted in many of their songs being featured in videogames like Frequency, Amplitude, Guitar Hero and Rock Band. I’ve been a huge fan of these guys since the beginning: their quirky fun sound and East-coast cyberchic is the perfect antidote for Scotland’s bland indie guitar bands and dreary weather. After a slight personnel shuffle Freezepop are now finishing off their shiny new album called Imaginary Friends, planned for release in November. I asked singer-songwriter and founder member Liz Enthusiasm for a list of her Top 10 favorite songs. You might be surprised by some of her choices: check it out below!


1. Duran Duran — Last Chance on the Stairway

My favorite song, ever, ever. That bridge?! Holy moly. After having seen a great many Duran Duran shows without seeing them play this, they FINALLY added it to their set list the last time I saw them. It made me a very happy girl.

2. A-ha — The Sun Always Shines on TV

I recently saw all three NYC shows on their farewell tour. They are so incredible live! Morten can still hit the high notes and makes it seem effortless. They are criminally underrated in America.

3. The Human League — Seconds

I had a bit of a hard time deciding which Human League song to choose, but this one won. BECAUSE IT IS AWESOME.

4. The Church — Destination

Starfish is one of my all-time classic albums, and this song is the dreamiest.

5. Ride — Unfamiliar

Oh man, I loved Ride. They were just one of those bands I was instantly smitten with. I want Ride to get back together. Can this happen? Please?

6. INXS — Don’t Change

Listen Like Thieves was a very close second.

7. Stone Roses — I Am the Resurrection


8. Low — Words

I’ve loved almost everything they put out, but it’s still the first song on their first album that’s my favorite. It’s so amazingly stark.

9. Tribeca — Modern Issues of the Heart

I guess they’re the only “new” synthpop I have on this list (i.e. made in this decade). The Scandinavians are gifted when it comes to electronic pop, it’s like magic.

10. Journey — Any Way You Want It

This song kicks so much ass!! I know Don’t Stop Believin’ has had quite a revival, but just try not to sing along to this at the top of your lungs. (If you are able to resist, perhaps you are not a very “fun” person.)

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