My Top 10 Tracks: Flux

We’re into the final week of The Pansentient League’s special feature where some of our favourite bands, DJs, and music personalities tell us about their Top 10 Songs. Each article includes a Spotify playlist so that you can listen in to the selection while reading the guest’s commentary.

Flux are Finnish trio Asta, Ville, and Vesa. I thought their début album Safe + Sound was so good I placed it in my Top 3 Synthpop Albums of 2009. Professionally-trained vocalist Asta has a gorgeous ethereal quality that offsets Flux’s darker synthpop sound perfectly: check out the brilliant song No More Than Alive for example. New single Claws And Teeth is due next month: one I’m really looking forward to. I asked the band for a list of their 10 favourite songs: synthmaster Ville replied with a list that includes the Stray Cats, Suede, Laughing Lennie and more. Check it out!


1. Stray Cats — Runaway Boys

This is the first pop song I remember from my childhood and it still sounds good.

2. Suede — Animal Nitrate

Another song which brings back memories. Animal Nitrate hasn’t aged a bit in almost 20 years.

3. Leonard Cohen — First We Take Manhattan

Leonard Cohen is an unique talent and one of the coolest guys on the planet.

4. Laika — Girl Without Hands

The vocal arrangement on this one is simply amazing.

5. Depeche Mode — Everything Counts

I have to include at least one Depeche Mode song to my list. Everything Counts is my current favourite.

6. Kraftwerk — Electric Café

The lighter side of Kraftwerk.

7. Sinead O’Connor — Troy

Troy has to be the most powerful song ever. When I first heard the part where she shouts “THE PHOENIX FROM THE FLAME, I HAVE LEARNED, I WILL RISE” (3:43), I nearly crapped myself!

8. New Order — Vanishing Point

A classic tune by a classic band.

9. Massive Attack — Teardrop

Teardrop proves that less is more. I could listen to this on repeat for hours.

10. Tears For Fears — Mad World

When it comes to song-writing, Tears For Fears are in a league of their own.

Spotify Playlist