My Top 10 Tracks: Electro Arc

Electro Arc is an independent German label specializing in industrial dance and oldschool EBM (Electronic Body Music). They were featured on this blog last year and since then label boss Intrendent has been busy putting out more of Electro Arc’s showcase compilations, as well releasing artist albums such as the brilliant Brutpop from First Aid 4 Souls. I asked Intrendent what his ten favourite tracks were: here’s his list.


1. Darkmen — A Little Story

I first heard this song in 2006 at the Familientreffen 2 Festival in Sandersleben. Held by Electric Tremor, Dessau story about love till hate to girls.

2. First Aid 4 Souls — Seelenlos

I first listened to this on an sample promo CD sent to my label in early 2007. We then released it on our Electro Arc Vol I compilation. Even a smile comes through!

3. Breathe — Tenebre II

Heard at Erfurt 2006 Live, after receipt by request direct from Axel Machens.

4. The Klinik feat. Mark Lane — The Hate Of Religion

From an early Absolute Body Clinical Maniacs Live tape, I heard this song at Live Mark Lane 1985 at Eckstein, Ffm with keyboard support by Andrew Szava-Kocats (Data Bank A/Dominion). I found the old version with Klinik on a Japanese blog.

5. The Legendary Pink Dots — Love In A Plain Brown Envelope

First heard this at the open air festival Cassetten Dag in Heiloo, NL about 1984. I recorded it with a Walkman. I was standing in front of the mixing desk under a big umbrella; the sound I got on the Walkman was unbelievable funny, worth to release on cassette compilations.

6. Jugem – A.R.E

Heard this on a Japanese dude’s MySpace player. Fresh synthpop between electro, minimal but also technoid. Amazing sounds! We released it on our Net.Ware Urban United compilation.

7. Depressive Disorder — Free Your Mind

Listened Live at Moravian Festival this year in Czech. Backstage I got promo CDs from Patrik – amazing powerful project, I got gooseflesh while the band performed!

8. KIFOTH — Microbiotics

I got this song by KIFOTH (Kneel Down In Front Of The Executioneers) for promotion from cEnda before Violent Corporation was released at Vendetta. I will never forget listening to mirColon’s performance at the Moravian Festival.

9. Red Industrie — Electro Body (Elite! Remix)

Beautiful synthpop/EBM track from the album Ciencia Ficcion. This nice dance and stomping track was also re-released on the Black Montanas label.

10. Das Kollektiv — Hans

Brilliant recorded Studio work, I listened on the band’s webpage. Best male voice since Hans Albers!

Spotify Playlist

  • My Top 10 — Intrendent, featuring only 1 of Michael’s chosen tracks 🙁 I made up the playlist with available tracks from the same artist and some picks from Intrendent’s Electro Arc label.