HotSpotify: Spotify News and Playlists

When Spotify launched in the Netherlands recently, it wasn’t long before a community of  Dutch websites appeared to support the service. One of the best is HotSpotify – a Dutch/English Spotify news and playlist site that’s rapidly becoming one of the best Spotify blogs period. I asked creator Vincent Snijder to tell us a bit about his site and its aims. Over to you Vincsie!

Hi there, my name is Vincent. I live in The Netherlands, love music and started a couple of month ago. To be clear: I’m not affiliated with the Spotify organisation in any way, I’m  just a big fan!

When I first discovered Spotify, it was not available in The Netherlands. But through a work-around I managed to get it working, and straight from the start I was impressed by the concept and its potential. In my opinion, Spotify gives us a good view on the way we will all listen to music in the near future. The huge collection of new and old music of any genre offers a great way to discover new music, to play songs from the time when we were young, or even to replace our whole CD collection. And with the ability to run Spotify on mobile devices and listen to playlists off-line, you can enjoy your favourite music everywhere: at home, in your car, walking… Spotify did a great job translating a revolutionary idea into a commercially successful initiative. From now on there’s no need to download music any more!

One of the really nice features of Spotify is the possibility to share playlists. That is one of the main reasons for my initiative to start HotSpotify. I discovered that there were a lot of sites out there with an inconvenient and unclear set of vague Spotify playlists.

My aim with HotSpotify is to offer a clear and structured set of high-quality playlists to create an solid entry-point to Spotify for everyone, everyday. I focus on playlists of charts from different countries and genres and playlists of new album releases. I also try to bring the latest news regarding Spotify; for this one the Pansentient League is a great source!

If you have any feedback, please feel free to contact me. Email, twitter @Vincsie or @HotSpotify.