Entropically Yours…. The Pansentient League Album

I love music but I’m no musician. I’m constantly in awe at the skill of all the artists featured here on this blog and wish with all my heart that I was half as talented as them. But one day I had an idea for a concept album and thought that perhaps half a talent might just be enough. And so I set about producing my own remix album.

Below is the complete album “Entropically Yours…. The Pansentient League” in a new remastered and remixed form. It features twelve of my Human League remixes, blended and sequenced into a science-fiction adventure that tells the story of a young universe growing up, birthing stars and sentience, then inexorably heading towards oblivion. Will entropy win, or will the league of humans and pan-sentients prevail? Find out in the next hour!


Sleeve Notes

This album was hand-made using Adobe Audition and not much else. Many tracks are laced with samples from 1980s British science fiction shows like Doctor Who, Blake’s 7 and Sapphire & Steel. For each track, my aim was to feature a piece from every available remix for that particular song. This way each mix could act as a promotional trailer for the full versions, as well as cover up the fact that I didn’t even have my own synthesizer :p

If you’ve only ever heard one or two songs by The Human League you might find this tribute album a  little surprising. You’ll definitely find it a bit bizarre, even if you do know the band’s work.

Feedback from Human League fans was fantastic, I never imagined this little project would be so warmly received. My remix of Darkness was a minor hit on YouTube and I was especially pleased when my mix of Circus Of Death opened a DJ’s set at the Marquee Club in Leicester Square.


Read more about The Pansentient League and “Entropically Yours….” in the book “Is That The Twelve Inch Mix?” – A book about the history of remix culture by Rob Grillo. With a forward by Heaven 17’s Martyn Ware, “Is That The Twelve Inch Mix?was published by Bank House Books in 2010.

The Human League usually tour annually. See here for details.

Heaven 17 also touring these days. See here for details.


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