Things I Did With My Android Smartphone Today

Things I did with my Android smartphone today:


  • Got woken up by the recurring alarm
  • Checked the notification bar and read five emails that came in overnight
  • Read three Twitter mentions and my Twitter stream (using Twitter for Android)
  • Checked my Facebook News feed; “liked” a couple and commented on a friend’s status
  • Read today’s newspaper on the bus (using Guardian Anywhere)
  • Read some RSS news feeds (using Google Reader via Dolphin Browser)


  • Checked for emails and bulletins from bands I follow on MySpace
  • Looked to see what was on TV tonight (using Record It)
  • Listened to some music on the walk home (using Spotify)


  • Copied some mp3s to the SD card (using ES File Explorer)
  • Exchanged a few texts with my sister
  • Checked to see what was on the cinema (using Popcorn Movies)
  • Watched a couple of clips on YouTube

Things I didn’t do with my Android smartphone today:

  • Make a phone call…