Spotify Mobile Feature Comparison

UPDATE:a revised version of this page is here..

Here’s a graphic showing the different features available on Spotify for iPhone (v0.4.5), Android (v0.3.37), and Symbian. Feature-wise, the iPhone version is now pulling well ahead of the pack, having had two major updates in the past couple of months. Spotify for iPad is also expected as the next mobile release from the company. Meanwhile the Android and Symbian versions are falling behind, most notably with their lack of scrobbling and “next generation” Spotify social features. Obviously more subscribers currently have Spotify for iPhone than the other mobile platforms, but now that Android has begun to outsell iPhone perhaps Spotify’s mobile priorities might change?


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  • Andreas

    Interesting chart! Thanks god i have an iPod Touch, so i can feel the pain of all Android users not having this or that feature from the iPhone app. By the way: What does “Preparing a competing service to Spotify…” mean?

  • afront

    Thanks Andreas. That last one was just my little joke based on the rumour that Apple are launching a streaming version of iTunes next month.

  • Andy

    You forgot syncronising offline (personal library) tracks onto your mobile device (iPhone only).

    There is a lot of unrest on the Spotify getsatisfaction forum about this.


  • stefan

    Android = multitasking, thank you.

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  • iPhone User


    iPhone = better multitasking, thank you.

  • Bruce


    iPhone = better multitasking, thank you.

  • Timber

    Ha, what does iPhone user mean? Maybe he has an iPhone 4.0…

  • andy

    Ha! Looks like you want to update this. Enjoying the new Droid features…

  • Jonas

    Looks like theres a new Android version out 0.4.05, maybe time to update this chart?? Probably the iPhone app also has been updated since 0.4.5

  • afront

    Thanks Jonas, yeah this chart is now a little out-of-date, although the iPhone version still leads the way…

  • Asraful Alam
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