Some Great New Synthpop Albums

Here are some great new synthpop and electropop music to check out. Albums from Hyperbubble, Vision Talk, Tikkle Me, Solvent, and The Girl & The Robot all prove that synthpop’s rise and rise continues into 2010. Click the album art to listen to the albums in Spotify (where available).


AlbumSummarySounds Like
Hyperbubble - Candy Apple Daydreams
I only heard about this American synthpop band recently (thanks @pteittinen!) and saw them live the same week. This is their 3rd album and I love pretty much every track, especially the recurring Candy Apple theme.
Freezepop, Neosupervital, Schmoof
Vision Talk – Elevation
Vision Talk's second album is instantly likeable, and takes them from italo disco into a Scandinavian synthpop vibe that keeps on reminding me of the brilliant S.P.O.C.K. There's a 2-disc version on CD that may well be worth hunting down too.
S.P.O.C.K., Apoptygma Berzerk
Tikkle Me – Tikkle Me
Debut album from Sweden's Tikkle Me, I have spotinews to thank for putting me onto this band. I've played this one loads and love its kookiness; they're like the new Zeigeist. This could quite possible end up being in my Top 10 albums of the year.
The Knife, Zeigeist, Kate Bush, La Roux, Children of the CPU
Solvent – Subject To Shift
Solvent return with a minimal synthpop/IDM hybrid that's quite possibly their best work yet. I've only listened to this a few times, but already I can tell it's going to be one that gets better and better with every play.
Human League Mk I, Kraftwerk, Alexander Robotnick, Kleerup, Rex the Dog
The Girl & The Robot – The Beauty Of Decay
With echoes of Thermostatic's final melancholia, The Girl & The Robot's hotly anticipated album delivers a subtler, darker sound than suggested by their debut EP. This is definitely another contender for Top 10 album of the year!
Parralox, Marsheaux, Thermostatic, Royksopp, Ladytron
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