Apps for Spotify: Gigero

Gigero is a new app that helps you locate gigs and concerts. Mashing up Google Maps, and Spotify, Gigero lets you view events for the artist or city you search for on a map. Once located, you can click to listen to the band in Spotify.

The Gigero interface is slick and easy to use. To show events in a certain city, just enter the city name for Gigero to overlay gig information on top of a Google Map:

The sidebar lists the events in chronological order, and you can see exactly where they are on the map. The map markers are colour-coded to indicate when the event is (darker blue markers are for events happening sooner). Click on the artist name or marker to pop up event information:

You can then click the artist’s name to listen in Spotify. This is really useful for festivals and for checking out supporting acts, as well for clicking around town to see what sort of bands are playing.

You can also search by band or artist to find out where your favourites are playing:

For band searches, Gigero also provides links to the artist’s page.


Developers Filip and Robert have done a fantastic job: Gigero is a brilliant example of what’s possible by mashing together various sources and creating useful new services. Although it’s still in beta, there’s not a lot missing from Gigero. Users have asked for the ability to buy tickets for a displayed event, and I’d like to see an option to email a particular gig event to a friend. Also a specific search-by-date feature would be handy.

If you like live music, Gigero is ideal for finding out what’s on. Even if you never go to concerts, Gigero is great for music discovery.