The Easter Egg Project: a Spotify Playlist

One April a few years ago, I started to write a science-fiction novel called The Easter Egg Project. It’s about a genetically enhanced rabbit called BunnyBots who connects to the Internet for food and advice, since his owner Simon is too busy chasing girls to train him properly. All sorts of chaos naturally follows. The rabbit came in a box with a set of peripherals, instruction manuals, and a special soundtrack CD to aid its development during the first week. The original CD soon went missing, but I have now been able to piece together most of it and reconstruct the sequence as a Spotify playlist.

The Easter Egg Project is a collection of 16 eclectic songs split into two major parts that tell an adventure story for Easter. The CD packaging originally included “recommended listening instructions and notes” in an attempt to explain the plot, however these are mostly garbled trash-art statements and not to be trusted; sometimes it’s better just to feel the music.

The original novel has three major story arcs, and each one is represented and blended here. Part I prepares the scene leading up to the night before; it’s all buzz and sharp realizations. As a standalone piece, this part retains all the original elements. The embedded “horreur” mini-trilogy widens the sense of expectation. The bizarre dolphin sequence, confusing to many who read the draft, brings this piece to a natural (if abrupt) ending.


The Easter Egg Project: Soundtrack

Part I

  1. The The – “GlobalEyes”
  2. Cibo Matto –” Sci-Fi Wasabi”
  3. Asian Dub Foundation – “Taa Deem”
  4. MDFMK – “Hydro-Electric” (not on Spotify, temp. replacement)
  5. Cibo Matto – “Lint Of Love”
  6. Faithless – “Woozy” (not on Spotify)
  7. Quietman – “Summit Temple”



Part II starts with an old classic, before familiarity is thrown out the window along with the bath water. The longer of the two halves, this part appears to become less sure of its direction. Although ultimately optimistic, uncertain storms taint each piece, with some corny operatic irony ripping loose before the final scenes of revelation. Part II shows its age but it endures well, particularly during the loco “adventures of the machines” sequence.

Part II

  1. The Divine Comedy – “Bath”
  2. Barry Adamson – “In A Moment Of Clarity”
  3. Kid Loco – “Calling Aventura King”
  4. Marc Almond & Siouxsie Sioux – “Threat of Love”
  5. Muse – “Escape”
  6. Billy MacKenzie – “At the Edge of the World”
  7. Broadcast – “Echoe’s Answer” (not on Spotify)
  8. Moby – “Everloving”
  9. Anne Pigalle – “He! Stranger…” (Excerpt)


Enjoy the music litkinnens, and Happy Easter!

This is Merlin, an Easter Bunny who used to live with me.