Spotify on Tumblr: Four Great Spotify Tumblelogs

Tumblr is a micro-blogging platform that sits somewhere between Twitter and a full-blown blog. It’s highly customizable, leading to thousands of differently themed “tumblelogs.” There are of course many Spotify-related Tumblr sites: here are four of the best.


Hot Spot Music

Hot Spot Music is a great example of what can be done with a tumblelog: it features daily posts on new releases on Spotify (indie, alternative, electro, folk, “twee”) with detail about the album and a Spotify link to listen in. There’s a search box to investigate the archive, and every month the hotspotmusic Best of the Month playlist is posted. There’s also an excellent “New Releases and Library Gaps” page, where upcoming releases are listed (with handy Spotify artist search links) along with a selection of albums missing from Spotify’s catalogue.  Navigating back to the home page is a little bit tricky, but you can always subscribe to email or RSS updates.


Spotiwire (Alpha)

Spotiwire Alpha is Spotify-themed tumblelog that’s mostly about new albums on Spotify, but also features posts on custom playlists and Spotify-related news. Owner tripon has recently made some improvements to the site, including enabling post comments and adding in a tag cloud (although this seems have been disabled for now).



In the words of creator Tom, fuckyeahspotify is “a collection of awesome music on Spotify, because FUCK YEAH SPOTIFY, that’s why.” This tumblelog has a roster of five music fans contributing posts, so the range and scope of music is pretty wide. Each post includes a short (and frequently entertaining) writeup along with the ever-important Spotify link (just click each post’s title).


On Spot!

On Spot! (formerly known as spotify-on-tumblr) includes a mixture of photos, videos and links as well as lots of  Spotify-linked entries.


  • Here is another one 🙂

    One playlist per week, one track each morning.


  • JB

    Nice to see the community growing.

  • Hadn’t seen this before today (when I was vainly googling for hotspotmusic)… thanks for the feature! Makes me feel like I should update the new releases page.

    I think this is dated before the redesign too so hopefully should be easier to get back to the home page these days 😉

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