Spotify Community Site Awards: The Winners!

Welcome to The Spotties, the first ever Spotify Community Site Awards from The Pansentient League. We’re delighted to say it was an overwhelming success, with thousands of music fans checking out the nominees and voting for their favourite Spotify community sites.

A very big thank you to all of the voters and site owners who participated, and special thanks to Spotify for donating the prizes.

While one or two categories had clear winners, for most it was an incredibly tight race. There were 50 different sites and apps up for a Spottie, and the fact that every single site received at least double-digit votes proves the diversity and depth of Spotify’s community.

Here then are the winners of the Spotify Community Site Awards 2010!


Best Playlist Sharing Site

  • ShareMyPlaylists (winner)
  • Myspotify (runner-up)
  • Spotifylist (runner-up)

There are many Spotify playlist sharing sites across the globe, at least five times as many as nominees in this full selection. But ShareMyPlaylists took an impressive 31% of the vote in this key category, so congratulations to Kieron and his team of dedicated Spottifiers! Special mention also to xpandify who did a great job helping promote the awards, and also to Listas Spotify who should have been nominated (sorry). Esperar para el próximo año!


Best News or Music Finder Site

  • Are You Spotified? (winner)
  • Spotinews (runner-up)
  • On The Spot (runner-up)

Congratulations to Elias, Joe, and Knut for their success in this the most hotly-contested category of the awards! While Are You Spotified was a clear winner, the rest of the votes were spread fairly evenly across all the other nominees. Paul Brown’s Spotiguide did remarkably well (considering the site is only a couple of months old), and Spotify Classical Playlists ( is also building up a strong following.


Best Other Site or App

  • Spotibot (winner)
  • ListDJ (runner-up)
  • BeSpotify (runner-up)

Perhaps the “group of death” in The Spotties, this category included a range of nominees each with a particular unique feature: this face-off was always going to be tough. Congratulations then to Andy and his Spotibot for taking 24% of the vote! Spotibot‘s range of services and strong fanbase ensured it won this award, and in my opinion deservedly so. Anders’ Pitchify also had a good run, as did SpotiDJ.


Best Playlist Generator or Converter

  • Playlistify (winner)
  • Spotibot Playlist Generator (runner-up)
  • Spotiseek (runner-up)

In a remarkable two-day turnaround, Roeland baked up an army of Playlistify fans to secure a massive 49% of the vote! SpotifiTunes was narrowly beaten into 4th place by Spotiseek, with the other three nominees not far behind.


Best Remote Control

  • Remoteless (winner)
  • Spotify Mac Remote (runner-up)
  • ReSpot (runner-up)

Congratulations to Benedicte and team Remoteless, the Spotify remote for iApples. This category only had seven nominees, but it was still a very close run contest.


Best URL Tool

  • Cleanify (winner)
  • (runner-up)
  • Spotibot Better Links (runner-up)

The smallest category with only six nominees, Anders’ Cleanify secured 30% of the vote to win the award, while Phil Nash and his (beta) was a close second. Special mention to LNKby, the newest URL service (as-used-by @spotify) which also did very well.


Best Overall

Finally we come to the Best Overall category – the Super Spottie! I am delighted to announce that the winner of the Best Overall Spottie is:

  • Spotibot

  • ShareMyPlaylists (runner-up)
  • Playlistify (runner-up)


Massive congratulations to Andy Smith and his brilliant Spotibot! From its early days as a URL and Twitter tool for Spotify, Spotibot has grown into a suite of services for all Spotify users. Some of the many comments received praising Spotibot include:

  • It’s clean, fast, easy to use and I really like the design” – Tom Hudson
  • Great for finding songs I didn’t know existed” – James
  • It just is. Does what I want, how I want it” – Darren Farley
  • Cute, friendly, useful, innovative, fun 🙂” – D. Rimron

And Russell sums up Spotibot perfectly:

  • Finding exactly what you want can still be a difficult task, even though the catalogue is updated regularly.  Spotibot gives me the best solution by finding me related artists directly as a playlist. I have 25 Spotibot based playlists now, and I listen to all of them from beginning to end.   The simple matter is I can use it to build moods, themed playlists or just to fill my head with loud music I know I’m going to LOVE.   It’s changed the way I use Spotify, for the better”  – Russell


There was hardly a vote separating the top three sites here; Spotibot and ShareMyPlaylists took early leads, each jostling for the top spot on a daily basis. Then Playlistify surged up to make the final days of voting an anyone-could-have-it competition. All three sites here are winners of course: only 5 votes separated them in the end so the order of the top three could so easily have been very different…

Congratulations again to ShareMyPlaylists, whose fans left comments such as:

  • Absolutely cracking site and completely enhances the Spotify experience” – Phil Hancox
  • Easy and fast, everything that you need you got it” – Too
  • The best of its kind, a great community, a worthy winner!” – Paul Smith
  • It’s feature rich, run by a very good guy who listens and instantly responds to suggestions and problems and is a great social network for fellow Spotify & music lovers”  – Rob Puricelli

Playlistify also received comments like:

  • It’s simple, effective, and it just plain works well!” – Micah
  • Easy to use, easy to aggregate content” – Erwin
  • Playlistify is my fav, coz it works great in combination with YouTube and iTunes” – Anton


For all the winners in the Spotties, watch out for a special feature on Spotify’s official blog soon! Thanks to everyone who took part, especially to this league of great guys for their help in promoting the first ever Spotify Community Site Awards. Until next year!


Spotify Premium Winners

Tristan (UK), Emilia (Sweden) and Francisco J (Spain) are the three lucky winners of a 3-month Spotify Premium voucher, kindly donated by Spotify. Look out for an email from Spotify soon!




Stay tuned for both the announcement of the award winners on Spotify’s Official Blog and back here for more award quotes, comments, and analysis! / Jer





  • azc

    Congratulations to all the winners!

  • Thanks a lot for your vote! Remoteless will continue to evolve, and this really inspires us 🙂

  • Wow! Thank you all! It’s tough to be up against so many great services, and I’m honoured to have won “Best Overall”, (and ranked so highly in other categories)!

    The aim of Spotibot is to be a neat companion to Spotify – adding missing functionality and helping you discover new stuff. I’m thrilled that so many people use it and enjoy it enough to support it. I’m always open to comments and ideas, so tweet @spotibot or me directly @asmitter.

    Big congrats to all nominees and winners, and three cheers for afront for putting this all together!

  • A massive thankyou to everyone who voted for us. We’re thrilled to win “Best Playlish Sharing Site”. Well done to Spotibot for winning “Best Overall” too, a great service. And a special thanks to Jer for putting everything together and maintaining an excellent Spotify resource.

  • Congratulations to all you winners, especially you Spotibot. I’m a big fan 😉

    Thanks to all who voted for, I’m really honoured! I will try my best to improve the site even more in the future. If you want to join us and write about your favorite music, just send me a presentation of yourself to!

    And afront, thumbs up! You’re a true source of inspiration!

  • Congratulations to everyone here on this page, especially Spotibot, who has the coolest avatar of all spotties, and Spotiguide, who is even 3 days younger than me;)

    And thanks Afront and everyone who helped to build this community and spread the word of music and Spotify.

  • Use your reputation!

    Don’t let this get unnoticed.

  • @ #7: “The company marked this problem solved”

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  • Adam Hepton

    Congrats to all the winners, and to Jer for hosting this superb event.

  • Well done to all the winners, and to Afront for doing such a good job of promoting the community that helps make Spotify so good.

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  • Andreas is great too, we need more of such mobile Spotify music discovery tools! Thanks Andy for your great service… 🙂

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  • Felicitaciones,no podía ser de otra forma con esta tremenda aplicación

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  • Cornelius Smith

    This Spotties is the cool spot for all the best songs ever I say try it you will know!2012 brings all of good treasures up to date Spotify today.

  • ludwig

    Remoteless won over the Max version?.. That cannot be. Remoteless is so featureless as can be, no playlist playback, no access to starred items, and so on. All that working perfectly with MacRemote

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