The Spotties: Nominees for Best Playlist Sharing Site

Over the past few weeks we’ve been spotlighting the community sites and apps nominated in The Spotties, the Spotify Community Site Awards. The category of Best Playlist Sharing Site is, unsurprisingly, one of the most hotly-contested areas. For most people Spotify’s playlist sharing aspect is its killer feature; for many Spotify users, playlist sharing sites are sometimes the only community sites that matter. Read on then for a look at the ten nominees for Best Playlist Sharing Site.



Myspotify is a playlist site with nearly 6,000 playlists. Similar to YourSpotify, it has all the standard playlist sharing site features you’d expect: album art, categories, comments, “like” buttons etc.


ShareMyPlaylists, recently name-checked by Spotify CEO Daniel Ek at SXSWi, has more playlists than any other playlist sharing site: almost 15,000. It has a thriving community with over 16,000 members and some unique features such as interest groups and friends. Each user has a unique “wire” – a place to post activity updates – as well as a dedicated blog hosted by ShareMyPlaylists.


SpotifyPlaylists is a UK-based site with all the expected features: specify genre, add comments, upload album art etc. Playlists are searchable, provided the uploader has included a list of tracks.


Spotifyfriends has recently had a face-lift but still retains its core features: upload and rate playlists, specify genre and mood, share on various sites etc.


Spotifylist lets you upload a playlist with cover art and specify its genre and tags. You can rate and add comments to existing playlists, and subscribe to RSS feeds on a genre-by-genre basis.


One of the first, and certainly one of the easiest to use playlist sharing sites. Spotylist has a simple click-to-vote thumbs up system, and you can bookmark your own set of playlists.


Spotyshare has loads of features and a seemingly large community too. Each playlist has a vote counter, number of views, and rating system; user pages let you view a user’s playlists, reviews, and favourites.


Totalspotify is a Spotify playlist community with a fair amount of playlists and subscribers. It has some extra features such as groups, tag clouds, enhanced sorting options, user stats and album reviews.



xpandify is a playlist sharing site that lets you filter playlists based on genre as well as decade. You’re not restricted to a simple set of basic genres: like you can enter custom tags for your playlists, either by creating new ones or by using ones already entered by someone else. You can view all the tags as a weighted cloud then view and filter by decade. xpandify lets you like (“applaud”) a playlist, add comments, and view how polular a playlist is. You can add album art and update the list of tracks at any time. xpandify also has an RSS feed and a Facebook group for fans.



YourSpotify has all the features you’d expect, including with an author archive so that you can bookmark your own playlist page.


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