The Spotties: Nominees for Best Other Site or App

It’s time for the fourth in a series of posts about the nominees for The Spotties. We’ve already covered the nominees for Best URL Tool, Best Remote Control, and Best Playlist Generator or Converter. Now it’s time to look at the candidates for the hotly-contested category of  Best Other Site or App. This group has all the excellent Spotify resources that don’t fit into any other category. There are lots of great tools here, and each nominee has something special and unique to offer any Spotify user.



BeSpotify is a community site built on the Ning social network platform. It was set up in March 2009 by Spotify fan Viktor Andersson. Since then, the community has grown to 2,000 members who can share playlists and tips, help each other with questions about Spotify, and use Ning’s chat and group features.



ListDJ is a Windows and Mac app that displays the lyrics of the currently playing track in Spotify. Once installed, start up Spotify and you’ll see ListDJ docked to the main Spotify window. Play a song and if available ListDJ will fetch the lyrics.



Pitchify mixes review scores from Pitchfork (the popular American indie-focused music webzine) with MySpace and Spotify. Selecting from albums that score 8 or above on Pitchfork, Pitchify lets you sort by rating, date, artist or album. For any album you can click a Spotify link (if available) to start listening, or click the album art for more details. The album pages include links to the album’s review on Pitchfork as well as reviews on PopMatters, PasteMagazine, DrownedInSound and others. All available review scores are shown along with an average rating. Pitchify will also take into account the different versions of an album depending on the territory.


Spotibot offers several services in one. There’s the Spotibot Playlist Generator which creates a playlist of tracks from a ID or from bands similar to an artist you specify. Spotify Loved lets you enter your ID to generate a Spotify playlist of your Loved tracks. Spotibot Better Links enhances a Spotify link page with album art, track listings and biographies. And finally the Twitter recommendation service is where it all began: tweet “@spotibot similar to ” and then the name of a band or artist and Spotibot will reply with a suggestion and Spotify link.


SpotiChart monitors Twitter for tweets with Spotify links, then analyzes all the links to compile global music charts and statistics. There are charts for individual songs (“Most tweeted Tracks”), albums, artists, and custom user playlists. For each type there are charts showing the totals over the last 24 hours, the last week, the last month, the last year, and since the charting began. Each chart includes links to play the music as well as little thumbnail versions of each tweeter’s avatar.



SpotiDJ is a music-sharing site site with an emphasis on individual songs rather than whole playlists (“Songs are like apples, the best ones are hand picked“). DJs add songs with a brief description of why they like that song for others to tune in to.


Spotify Collections

Spotify Collections is a web-based personal playlist manager that lets you create and share your playlists. Once registered, you can easily build a list of albums: the site groups these by artist to provide a web-based playlist management tool. There’s a social networking aspect to the site too: all collections are public and anyone can add a comment to your collection. You can also add any collection to a list of favourites, and  add custom playlists.


Spotify Forum

Spotify Forum is a bulletin board community with a membership of 500 and growing. There are various sub-forums dedicated to different musical genres and different aspects of Spotify. The busiest areas include Spotify Help and Support

The two busiest areas are Spotify Help and Support and Ideas / Improvements. These both complement the official support channel, providing a place for users to help each other out with issues or questions.


Spotify Tweaks

Spotify Tweaks is a Windows add-on that gives you custom tooltips, cover display, a cover manager, advanced search, an RSS reader and a lyric search feature.



Toastify is an app that displays a toast-style pop-up whenever the track changes in Spotify. It’s had several thousand downloads, and the developer zowat seems to update it frequently. Note toastify requires Microsoft .NET to work.


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