Three Brilliant Industrial Albums on Spotify

Back in the late 80s and early 90s, my synthpop sensibilities clashed with a healthy sense of dread as I finally discovered industrial music. Bands like Front 242 and Frontline Assembly were my favourites, being at the more electro-end of the genre. EBM (a sub-genre of industrial) has had quite a revival of late and oldschool industrial is now making a comeback too. Here then are three relativley new industrial albums on Spotify that all have that oldschool flavour.

Signal Aout 42 – Transformation

  • Genre: Industrial, Gothtronic
  • Originally Released: 2007

Original Belgian EBM-ers Signal Aout 42 returned after 10 years with this 2xCD album on Out of Line records. Whereas Front 242 softened up with their disappointing Pulse album, Signal Aout 42 released what sounds like the natural successor to 05:22:09:12 Off. It’s full of dark and brooding electro-industrial tracks that take their time to build up: brilliant, chilling stuff!


Autodafeh – Hunt for Glory

  • Genre: EBM, anhalt, electro-industrial
  • Originally Released: 2008

Just the ticket while waiting for the new Nitzer Ebb album, this album from Autodafeh ranges from EBM to industrial and everything in-between: these Swedes  manage to sound both oldschool and fresh at the same time. Look out for their forthcoming album “Identity Unknown” which will feature a mix by Front 242 legend Daniel B.

Mommy Hurt My Head – Mommy Hurt My Head

  • Genre: Industrial, Harsh electronic
  • Originally Released: 2009

Harking back to Front Line Assembly in their Caustic Grip days, the debut album from the wonderfully named Mommy Hurt My Head is full of distorted voices and harsh industrial electronica. Track 3 “Darkest Wrong” features samples that inspired the band’s name: not for the squemish!