Spotify Mashups: Spotibot Playlist Generator and Pitchify

Here are a couple of great new mashups for Spotify: Pitchify gives you Spotify links based on Pitchfork reviews, while the Spotibot Playlist Generator creates custom playlists for you based on similar artists.


Spotibot Playlist Generator

Spotibot Playlist Generator is a new mashup from Spotibot creator Andy Smith. Fusing recommendations from’s Audioscrobbler with Spotify’s new metadata API, the Spotibot Playlist Generator creates a playlist of tracks from bands that are similar to an artist you specify. To generate a playlist, you enter the band’s name then select how many tracks you want (from 5 to 30). Tick the checkbox to bias towards more popular songs then click the Generate button. It doesn’t matter whether the artist you enter is in Spotify or not: the Playlist Generator is clever enough to work this out and will still return results. For example, you can put in Metallica or The Beatles. It’ll also work out where you are and only give you tracks you can play in your country.

Each generated playlist is unique: you can put the same artist each multiple times and every playlist returned will be different. You can also delete a track from the playlist, or add more tracks based on any artist in the list. Click [+] to extend your playlist by adding 5 more tracks similar to the artist you clicked.

spotbotExample generated playlist for psytrance band Shpongle.

Once you’re happy with the playlist,  simply click a special Copy link then paste the playlist into Spotify’s play queue. You can then name and save the playlist if you want to keep it, or go back and generate another playlist.

Duncan Geere over at Pocket Lint wrote a great review of the Spotibot Playlist Generator, where he quite rightly notes that this “brings an important music discovery feature to Spotify that has been missing since the app launched.



Pitchify is another new mashup from developer Anders Austad. It mixes review scores from Pitchfork (the popular American indie-focused music webzine) with MySpace and Spotify.

Selecting from albums that score 8 or above on Pitchfork, Pitchify lets you sort by rating, date, artist or album. For any album you can click a Spotify link (if available) to start listening, or click the album art for more details. The album pages include links to the album’s review on Pitchfork as well as reviews on PopMatters, PasteMagazine, DrownedInSound and others. All available review scores are shown along with an average rating.