How Spotify Replaces Piracy for Music Discovery

Here’s a flowchart depicting a typical music fan’s process for discovering new music:


Of course if the band isn’t on Spotify, you might also check out their MySpace page or listen to a clip on You may even decide to splash some cash on iTunes, 7digital, or even a CD. But you probably wouldn’t do this without hearing something from the band first (on the radio or MTV perhaps) unless you really really trust your recommendation source.

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  • Ehh, what about alternate branch from “On Spotify?”
    N -> cannot be bothered! Life is too short. That is my pretty much my approach from now on.

  • Oliver

    Good flowchart.

    Sorry to be a geek but what application did you use to draw this?


  • It’s true Hal that there could be many alternatives to the “not on Spotify” path, although I hadn’t thought of your suggestion 😉

    Thanks Oliver, I used OpenOffice ( to draw the flowchart. Its Draw app has basic flowchart shapes and connector lines that stay connected as you move the boxes around. I’m sure you could also use MS Office, but OpenOffice is free!

  • You should send this flowchart to any label or artist who pulls his music form Spotify.

  • At step “download for free” you can ad: unsure which album/track is best, download complete discography; filling up your harddisk with useless tracks.
    Kind find any of recent albums or lesser known artists. Retry search for better known artists.

    After this step ad: finds tracks are badly tagged so spent hours of dull editing.

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