What You Get with a Spotify Premium Subscription

Here’s an updated run-down of what you get from a premium subscription to Spotify:

  • No ads – On premium there are no audio ads, no pop-ups, and no banner ads. Dear Jonathan will become a distant memory…
  • Spotify Mobile – Use Spotify on your Android phone or iPhone (and soon other mobiles too). You get full access to all the songs on Spotify (the celestial jukebox is in your pocket!) and you can also store playlists offline, handy when you want to listen to your tunes without a 3G or Wi-Fi signal. If you don’t have a smartphone yet but are thinking of getting one to use Spotify, check out the Android vs. iPhone Spotify smackdown!

  • Higher-quality audio – Enable the high-quality setting and jump from the standard ~160kbps to high-quality q9 (~320kbps) compression. This gives you crystal-clear sound that’s almost as good as a CD.
  • Offline Syncing – The latest addition to the premium feature set, like with the mobile version you can store playlists offline for playback when you have no (or limited) network connection.
  • Pre-release access to new albums and singles: With a premium account you get access to many albums before they are available on general release. Every month, several new releases are made available early to premium subscribers. Of course all this content becomes available to the freeloaders eventually, but you need to be a subscriber to hear it first.
  • Competitions for free concert tickets: There are several monthly ticket giveaways to concerts and events, but only subscribers can win.
  • Libspotify: Subscribers can develop a version of Spotify that runs on the Linux operating system. Once one exists, any other subscriber would be able to use it.
  • Two new invites every month – Now that Spotify is back to being invite-only (in the UK at least), having spare invites is always handy.
  • Travel Access – Use Spotify in any country (even ones that do not usually have Spotify available)