Spotify Playlists: Psytrance and Industrial

Here are a couple of new Spotify playlists, featuring some of the latest releases in electro-industrial and progressive and psychedelic trance. If you like either genres you can use these playlists as jump-off points to explore full albums from each artist. I use them as a quick and easy way to have per-genre playlists for Spotify mobile, without cluttering up my list of playlists and without having to remember what to search for.

Electro-Industrial 2

Since my first EBM & Industrial playlist, heavyweight industrial label Metropolis Records has signed-up with Spotify to bring a host of new artists such as KMFDM, Velvet Acid Christ, Front Line Assembly, and Cesium 137. This playlist also features some of the newer electro-industrial releases from German label Out of Line as well as some other favourites that didn’t make it into the previous playlist.


PsyTrance 2

There have been thousands of trance tracks added to Spotify in the past few months. Here is a 42-track playlist of some of my favourites, starting with an A to Z of the best new progressive trance then leading into a second A to Z of more psychedelic trance. I have this playlist synced offline on my mobile and use it as an alphabetical list of trance. It’s easy to search through and it saves cluttering up my list of playlists. Artists include: Astrix, Antix, Ace Ventura, Gaudium, Perfect Stranger, Tegma, Vibrasphere, Eat Static, Cosmosis, OOOD, Skazi, and Zen Mechanics.