Northern Kind – Glasgow Gig Review

I saw synthpop band Northern Kind in concert last night and had a blast. They’re currently on-tour supporting Kajagoogoo who have got back together with Limahl and are playing dates all around the UK. Northern Kind were wonderful, and such friendly people too. The show was at The Ferry, a floating venue moored on the Clyde in Glasgow with a capacity of around 600. Acoustics and atmosphere were great, and the two-tier venue had a real TFI Friday feel to it.

My friend Paul and I arrived a bit early so we had a chance to have a wee chat with Matt and Sarah before the show. Fresh from their success in Liverpool, they were both obviously looking forward to getting on stage. Tech-wizard that he is, Matt showed us how he could remotely start the set using just his iPhone: very cool!

As the P.A. belted out some great 80s tunes, NK went off to get ready and we made our way downstairs. Soon after, the band took to the stage to start their set. Sarah looked and sounded fabulous, but don’t take my word for it: check out these clips below (ideally click-thru to watch them in HD)

A short intro then On and On – witness Matt’s impeccable timing at the start  😉

You won’t believe how hard it was trying to film that and not jiggle the camera around too much with dancing! So I decided to film-one then dance-to-one: here’s Automatic:

After the gig there was some signing at the merch stall then we watched some other band who’d came on to play for a bit (“The Goo” were actually a lot better than I’d expected: had never really been a fan before but will definitely be checking out their forthcoming new album). Human League fans will recognise Steve A, and there were quite few other fans who’d come mainly for the support band:

It was a brilliant evening, I thoroughly enjoyed myself, I only wish Northern Kind could have been on for longer. It’s not often you get to hear some great synthpop performed live and by two obviously talented artists. If you have tickets to see Northern Kind with Kajagoogoo on this tour you’re in for a treat!



teamph, Sarah, me, Matt