New Spotify Community Sites

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a round-up of new Spotify-related sites so here’s a brief look at four of the newest. For the first six or seven months this year new Spotify sites were popping up almost on a daily basis, but it looks like we’ve reached a saturation point now, at least until Spotify release a proper API. Anyway, follow the jump for an overview of some of the new Spotify community sites!


Still in beta, xpandify is a playlist sharing site that lets you filter playlists based on genre as well as decade. You’re not restricted to a simple set of basic genres: like you can enter custom tags for your playlists, either by creating new ones or by using ones already entered by someone else. Of course, tags like “awesome” and “new” aren’t that helpful, but you can view all the tags as a weighted cloud then view and filter by decade. xpandify lets you like (“applaud”) a playlist, add comments, and it keeps track of how many clicks each one has had. You can add album art and update the list of tracks at any time.

It’s a crowded market but creators Pontus and Martin have developed a playlist sharing site with a little bit of its own identity and features. The site also has an RSS feed and a Facebook group for fans.

xpandifyxpandify also features some collaborative party playlists

Spotify Norge

A Norwegian Spotify community site, Spotify Norge combines a blog with news reports and a playlist site. Although the blog section hasn’t been updated in a while, the forum still seems to be fairly active with almost 400 users.


The Spotify Crates

A new personal playlist site, Carlj‘s the Spotify Crates adds a little extra. The samples section is a rolling list of songs where each song includes links to songs it samples or other songs that sample it. For example, Nas’ If I Ruled The World is listed and linked to both the original as well as the three tracks that it samples.



myspotAnother playlist sharing site, Myspotify seems to have come from nowhere to having almost six thousand playlists (including one of mine I don’t remember adding)! Perhaps Myspotify harvests the best playlists from around the net. It’s remarkably similar to YourSpotify so it may be that they share the same list of playlists. Anyway, the site has all the standard playlist sharing site features you’d expect: album art, categories, comments, “like” buttons etc.