Labels on Spotify: Metropolis Records

Spotify has over 2,000 tracks from Metropolis Records, the American label that specialises in electro-industrial, synthpop, futurepop, darkwave, and gothic. Some of my favourite bands are on this label (KMFDM, Front Line Assembly, Seabound) so I’m particularly pleased to see their inclusion on Spotify.

Many of the bands on Metropolis Records are signed to both European labels (such as Out of Line) while releasing albums in North America through Metropolis. Since Spotify has deals with both, we may end up seeing the same album from different labels: great news for completists who want that extra track only available on the US version!

I’m especially delighted to see KMFDM on Spotify. KMFDM have been releasing their special blend of electro-metal since 1984, and I’ve been of fan of them since around 1990. They mix synths with heavy-metal guitars like no other (well, until Rammstein came along and copied their sound) and have a fantastic sense of humour as well as the occasional political leaning. Their album covers are also always instantly recognizable, thanks to the artist Brute!

Here then are half-a-dozen choice albums from Metropolis Records now available on Spotify:

KMFDM – Tohuvabohu

KMFDM’s 15th studio album is a blinder and is the perfect introduction to their sound. Tohuvabohu features a variety of styles (Dance, Metal, Industrial rock, Darkwave) sung in English, German, Latin, Hebrew, Lingala, Spanish… get down to their ultra-heavy beat!

Front Line Assembly – Artificial Soldier

FLA, the Canadian electro-industrial band, were one of the first bands I got into after discovering Nitzer Ebb in the late 80s. Artificial Soldier is their most recent studio album and features the Leeb/Fulber/Peterson lineup.

Hanzel Und Gretyl – Über Alles

Heavy industrial-rock a la Rammstein, this album is my favourite of theirs. Check out the tracks “Third Reich From The Sun” and “SS Deathstar Supergalactik

Seabound – Come Forward: Live in Berlin

German synth band Seabound have released some of the most atmospheric and deeply moving futurepop music I’ve ever heard. I’ve not seen them in concert yet, so this live album is the next best thing. It features my favourite track of theirs “Watching Over You

Juno Reactor – Labyrinth

A wildcard for Metropolis, Juno Reactor don’t really fit in with the rest of the roster as they’re more dance than industrial. Maybe you heard some of Juno Reactor’s music on the soundtrack to The Matrix: a couple of those tracks are featured here. I love the two “Conquistador” tracks (only slightly spoiled by Spotify’s lack of gapless playback) – Dead Can Dance for the 21st century.