G-Stone Recordings: Downtempo-dub on Spotify

This week’s Spotify updated included over fifty releases from G-Stone Recordings, the downtempo-dub label that features artists such as Tosca, Peace Orchestra, and Kruder & Dorfmeister.

G-Stone is the Vienna-based independent record label founded by Richard Dorfmeister and Peter Kruder. They specialize in downtempo-dub, trip-hop, and chilled electronica that’s not too far from the later (and more commercially successful) sounds of bands like Zero 7 and Morcheeba. I first discovered Kruder & Dorfmeister through their seminal 1998 double-discer “The K & D Sessions” as it featured remixes they’d done for Depeche Mode, Bomb the Bass, and Lamb. This album got me into the whole downtempo-dub style and I had soon bought most of the G-Stone and !K7 Records back-catalogue.

Here are three of the best G-Stone Recordings releases now on Spotify:


Peace Orchestra – Peace Orchestra

Peace Orchestra is Peter Kruder’s solo project. This self-titled debut is probably my favourite album from G-Stone: it’s an end-of-the-millenium classic, the ideal platter for a late-night chilldown session. Fans of sci-fi series The Matrix will recognize the superb “Who Am I?” as featured on The Animatrix.


Tosca – Suzuki

Richard Dorfmeister’s solo project has release 5 studio albums to date, all but one of which are on Spotify. Suzuki (and it’s remix album “Suzuki in Dub”) from 2000 is still my favourite.


Kruder & Dorfmeister – G-Stoned

4-track debut EP from the duo, with cover art courtesy of Simon and Garfunkel’s Bookends.


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  • Atomicpuppy5

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    I’m promoter for DigitalNomad, and was wondering if it’s possible for him to get a set at Symmetry this year, I know it would blow his mind. And he wants to get on releasing an Ep, he’s been producing since he was 11/12 and his stuff his incredible. Here’s a link have a listen and get back to me 🙂 he’s into triphop, dub, psyambient, downtempo electronica. And he’s got hundreds of plays as you’ll see on this page http://soundcloud.com/spin-eye/tracks

    cheers man!

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