Top 5 Things Broken in Spotify

Here are five things about the Spotify client that are either broken or are so basic they really could do with improving.

  • Top Lists – the Top Lists section is supposed to list to top artists, albums, or tracks for me, for everyone, or in a specific country. The For Me lists only show a top 10, and although the lists do indeed contain entries I’ve listened to, they are certainly not the top played (I can compare with my page). The other lists contain a full top 100 rundown, however these are quite obviously broken too: the Top Albums list even contains singles! And some of the top albums in the UK are not available in the UK.

traxNot My Top 3 Tracks

  • Artists you may like – From the What’s New tab, the top six “artists I may like” may contain a few bands I’m interested in. Trouble is, when I click an artist there’s often only a blank page or only one or two tracks available. I’m all for the long tail in recommendation services, but it would be useful if there was something pinned on the end of the tail.

  • Share To – The Share To Delicious/Facebook/Twitter options may not be completely broken, but they are as basic as possible. The new Share to Twitter feature doesn’t even use a URL shortener. A typical playlist URL is about 70 characters long (depending on your username) and that’s without the actual name of the playlist.
  • Open Spotify webpage – The Spotify Resource page that pops into your browser when you click a Spotify link contains the Spotify logo, a cryptic unique ID and not much else. A much better implementation is from which shows the album art, artist, title, and other information about the release.
  • Tracks being removed with no notice – I understand that artists and labels will change their minds and decide to remove their content from Spotify. But Spotify’s refusal to even hint at what might be being removed annoys many users and does not give fans a chance to petition their favourite bands or update their playlists with alternatives.
  • JB


  • Hal Halvorsen

    My pet peeve is that you cannot reverse a playlist, ie if you want to play the “This is uncool” playlist in reverse (“countdown order”) you should be able click on the little blank space in front of the “Track header”).

  • Nice idea Hal. You can click a playlist to sort (and hence play by) trackname, artist, time, or album name but that doesn’t really do what you’re looking for.

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  • I totally want this.  I picked and played a bunch of songs one at a time the other day at a party.  Some one asked my for the playlist.  It wasn’t a playlist but it was in the History.  I was able to copy all the songs and drag them to a new playlist but now they are in the wrong order. 🙁

  • Hey, just discovered that you can click the “Added” column to sort by the order in which they were added.  Even though I added them all at the same time from my perspective, seems Spotify recorded them as being added one at a time and in order.  Sorting by inverse order in the Added column worked for me.

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