Three New Albums on Spotify

Here are three new albums on Spotify. These are all extra special to me as I’ve been involved with remixing each artist’s work (and some web advice).  I’ve bought the physical CD version for all three albums here.  This way I could further support the artists as well as benefit from some of the exclusive extras you get with CDs like bonus discs, album art and inserts, and novel packaging.

Kings Have Long Arms – I Rock Eye Pop

Debut album from Salford’s finest royal rebel, featuring The Human League’s Phil Oakey, Mungo Jerry, Candie Payne & members of The Smiths and Primal Scream. The original CD release did not have the two extra tracks on the Spotify version, but it did come with a second disc: a DVD of live footage and various long-armed shenanigans.

Marsheaux – Lumineux Noir

Third album from the Greek goddesses of synthpop. Spotify has the Out of Line version of this album (Marsheaux’s European label), but if you buy the CD you also get a second disc of remixes and extra tracks. There’s also an Undo Records version of the CD (Marsheaux’s Greek label) which features completely different artwork.

Jake Shillingford – Written Large

A collection of acoustic pop ballads (with piano, cello and harpsichord) from the former frontman of 90s chamber-pop band My Life Story. When I bought the CD it came with an extra free copy as well as being personally signed by Jake himself.