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UPDATE: This app is now known as Releasify


There are several mashup apps that help you find new releases on Spotify based on your listening habits scrobbled to (here’s the complete list). The newest and possibly the best yet is from developer Frank Quist. includes several unique features you won’t find elsewhere, such as an RSS feed and the ability to search new releases based on both your username or genre. lists the most recent releases (going back 6 months) from your favourite artists. Enter your username to display a list sorted by date released on Spotify then by artist:


The heart icon to show top favourites is a nice touch, and from here you can also view releases for recommended artists (and soon for similar artists too). Click the RSS Feed link to create an auto-updating feed. This is a great feature, as it means you can add to your Google Reader then be notified whenever new music is added to Spotify. This of course depends on Spotify releasing a google doc spreadsheet of new releases, but then all these type of mashup apps require that too.

Perhaps the killer feature of however is its ability to list new releases based on genre:


Select Tag from the pulldown menu then type the genre ( tag) you’re interested in. will return a listof new releases with that tag, as well as suggesting other related tags:


With this you can build an auto-updating list of new releases by genre:

Frank Quist has done a great job with this mashup: it has some invaluable features and is both fast and responsive. I love the RSS feed and the genre search has already led me to some great new artists.