Discophonic Workshop (Spotify Playlist)

disco3Cosmic disco, electro disco, space disco, italo disco… the new 21st century disco genre has almost as many names as bands producing this hybrid of 70’s disco, 80’s hi-NRG and synthpop, and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop from the 60’s. One thing’s for sure though: this isn’t the kind of disco the Bee Gees would go to. Have a listen to the Spotify playlist.

Here is a Spotify playlist based on my Last.fm group the Discophonic Workshop. It mixes the new wave of East-coast American bands (Glass Candy, Chromatics) with the superbly twisted output of London’s DC Recordings label and European disco dancers such as Black Devil Disco Club, Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas. There’s also the odd classic from the likes of John Carpenter and Divine and even some tracks from bigger artists plundering this new genre (Hercules and Love Affair, Peaches). Sure some of the tracks are more “disco” than others; some even verge into synthpop or plain analog electronica. But all display an electro-rhythm and disco-vibe that I think belongs at the Discophonic Workshop.


John Carpenter – The End (Part 1: Disco Version)
Depth Charge – Legend of the Golden Snake
Legowelt – Disco Rout
Black Devil Disco Club – The Devil In Us – Dub Version
Padded Cell – Moon Menace
CFCF – Crystal Mines
Lifelike – Discomachine
The Golden Filter – Solid Gold – Original Version
Prins Thomas – Further Into the Future
Chromatics – Hands In The Dark
The Emperor Machine – Pro Mars – Single Version
Giorgio Moroder – Chase
Chilled By Nature – Otherness – Black Mustang Frozen Moon Jam
Zombie Zombie – Nightclubbing
Johan Agebjörn – Deeper Space Woman
Peaches – Lose You
Vincent Markowski – Dirty Capsules
Daniel Wang – Panoramic – Acid Dub
Alexander Robotnick – Ion Drive
Martin Rushent – Itchy Hips – Dub
The Juan Maclean – Love Is in the Air (Mock & Toof remix)
Black Mustang – Mad As Hell
In Flagranti – Business Acumen (Original)
Metro Area – Miura
Patrick Cowley – Menergy
Lindstrøm – Fast and Delirious
Kelpe – Bread Machine Bred [Zombie Zombie Remix]
Ssion – Clown (Glass Candy Remix)
Divine – Native Love (Holland Remix)
Hercules And Love Affair – Blind (Hercules club mix)
Teengirl Fantasy – Portofino
The Golden Filter – Favourite Things
Heartbreak – We’re Back – To the Disco edit
Glass Candy – Digital Versicolor
John Carpenter – The End (Part 2: Sound Version)