UK Celebrity Spotify Fans

The Guardian did a piece on celebrity Spotify playlists back in April, where they listed musicians with Spotify playlists. This included Jonny Greenwood from Radiohead and the Stereophonics. Since then, many more celebs have discovered Spotify – here are some of the non-musician ones that I know of:

  • Robert Scoble – aka The Scobleizer. Influential American blogger and tech evangelist, recently in London for a demo of Spotify. He was suitably impressed and later saidThe coolest thing I have seen so far in London? Music service Spotify.
  • Robert Florence – Legendary Scottish comedy writer and performer, videogamers will know him from Consolevania and videoGaiden. New show Burnistoun coming to the BBC next year. Confirmed as “playing” at the Invisible Festival, the forthcoming Spotify-powered virtual festival. In the meantime, check out his brilliant new venture DowntimeTown, a website with video reviews dedicated to board gaming. Even if you don’t know anything about board games, Rab’s videos are still a treat.
  • Kevin Rose – American tech entrepreneur and founder of social news site Digg. Recently got to demo Spotify and said: “playing w/Spotify, hot damn it’s responsive – plays pretty much any song on earth in under 1 second”
  • Jason Bradbury – Writer and presenter of Channel 5 programme The Gadget Show. He recently championed Spotify versus iTunes on a Gadget Show head-to-head, with Gail Porter linking for the Apple. They tested speed of access to a track (winner: Spotify), portability (winner: iTunes since Spotify mobile not yet released), ease-of-use (winner: Spotify) and obscure/new tunes (winner: iTunes). The overall winner was of course Spotify, since Gail Porter admitted to using it herself at home. Perhaps that makes Gail more of a fan than known Apple-lover Jason, but hey – I believe in the magic of television, he was “glad” Spotify won 😉

  • Graham Linehan (aka Glinner) – Irish comedy writer who created Father Ted and the excellent C4 comedy The IT Crowd. Often tweets his Spotify-powered playlists.
  • Brian Limond (aka Limmy) – Scottish comedy writer and performer. New comedy Limmy’s Show coming to the BBC next year, following this year’s brilliant pilot. Limmy seems to be a fan of synthpop and electro, and frequently tweets about (and crowdsources for) his Spotify playlists. His website has some of the funniest clips and Flash anims I’ve ever seen: watch his version of An American Werewolf in London!
  • Charlie Brooker – Writer, columnist and TV presenter. Currently hosting the best thing on Channel 4 at the moment: You Have Been Watching. And I’m hoping he really is following up Screenwipe and Newswipe with Gameswipe. Charlie created and wrote about a Spotify playlist called Aural Contraceptive – only the second playlist I’ve seen that’s had me in fits of laughter. Judge for yourself – would this spoil the mood for you? [thanks to mi for reminding me of this!]

Let us know in the comments if you’ve heard of any other celebs talking about Spotify!