Human League on Spotify – Good Times!

My favourite band has always been and always will be English synthpop legends The Human League (they’re why this blog is called The Pansentient League). So I’m especially pleased to see that their latest single has just been released on Spotify, thanks to dance label Hooj Tunes and Martin Rushent’s re-launched Genetic Recordings studio.

1981’s 6-million selling Dare album opens with the track The Things That Dreams Are Made Of. Dare was stuffed full of hit songs, but perhaps surprisingly TTDAMO was never released as a single. Until now that is.

Take time to see the wonders of the world
To see the things you’ve only ever heard of

Dream life the way you think it ought to be

See things you thought you’d never ever see

Spotify has its first Human League single The Things That Dreams Are Made Of in both versions from 2007: the 8-track limited CD version from Hooj Tunes and the 4-track limited edition 7″ version from Genetic Recordings. The links and tracklistings are below; I’ve highlighted my favourite mixes in bold.

The Things That Dreams Are Made Of (Hooj Tunes)

1. Richard Stone Club Mix
2. Kissy Sell Out Mix
3. Tiga Mix
4. Ilya Santana Dub Mix
5. Justus Köhncke Dub Mix
6. Richard Stone Dub Mix
7. Richard Stone Radio Edit
8. Original Dub Edit

The Things That Dreams Are Made Of (Genetic)

1. More Of Mix by Martin Rushent
2. Justus Köhncke Vocal Mix
3. FunKosmic Mix by Sci-Fi Moritz
4. Justus Köhncke Vocal Mix Edit

My dream now is that The Human League have one more studio album in them. Their most-recent is the superb career-highlight Secrets. Unfortunately this album from 2001 is not (and probably never will be) on Spotify, but you can still buy the CD.

Everybody needs love and adventure
Everybody needs cash to spend
Everybody needs love and affection
Everybody needs two or three friends

See you on tour!

To celebrate this release, I’ve created a special Human League Spotify playlist: The Human League Unlimited:

This features some of my favourite (and lesser-known) album tracks, a few alternative versions of some singles, and all the Phil Oakey guest spots currently on Spotify.