Getting Analytic

Please excuse a little self-indulgence tonight…

I started blogging here in January 2009, posting pictures of my tech gadgets, bookcases, and Google Android apps. Then at the start of February I posted about a new music service I’d just heard about called Spotify. After using it for a few days, I had an idea to take some photos of my CD cases and created a simple imagemap so that I could click on a CD and have the album open in Spotify. I thought other Spotify users might want to do this, so I posted about My Spotify-powered CD collection on 18th Feb. The official Spotify blog picked up on this and since then The Pansentient League blog has had over 24,000 unique visitors (according to my Google Analytics page).

Currently around 4,000 people read this blog every month. Here’s what’s been popular:

Overall Top 5 most popular posts

  1. Spotify Resources
  2. Black Spotify
  3. My Spotify-powered CD collection
  4. Spotify Playlist Site Awards I (Feb 2009)
  5. How Record Labels Make Money from Spotify

Most popular posts in June 2009

  1. Spotify Playlist Site Awards II (June 2009)
  2. Apple Mac and iPhone Apps for Spotify
  3. Why I Subscribed to Spotify Premium
  4. Spotify Resources
  5. Spotify Playlist Site Awards I (Feb 2009)

Posts with the most comments and discussions

  1. Top 5 Reasons Why I Haven’t Subscribed to Spotify
  2. How Record Labels Make Money from Spotify
  3. Spotify Loves
  4. Spotify Resources
  5. Why I Subscribed to Spotify Premium

Visitor Demographics

The blog has had visitors from 107 countries; over half from the UK and Sweden. Here’s a pie chart showing the full breakdown. Interestingly, visitors from the USA make up a fair percentage even though Spotify is not yet available in the States.

Thanks to everyone who’s visited here and especially to everyone who has left a comment. Please let us know if there is anything Spotify-related you’d like to see featured here in the future!