Artists I May Like – Spotify FAIL

  • azc

    Oh dear, whoops.

  • azc

    PS, get Spotify artist suggestions via your account @

  • MW

    This is such a major bug, I can't believe that they haven't fixed it yet.

    Spotify is definitely not leaving the BETA phase anytime soon.

    When the content is complete enough and they add more premium features, I'm signing up

  • Gus32

    I already saw this with good music, I suggested to add the right major but they respond they'll try…

    @MW, BETA is a marketing choice ^^ , it make more "they're working on it".

  • spotinews

    This is very old news.

    I think they wait for the Echo Nest thing to take place before they change it.

  • Afront

    Thanks for you comment guys.

    It's not so much what was recommended (the bands listed are all good picks based on what I've been listening to), but more the fact that every band (except VNV) had an empty page on Spotify with no music.

    I'm sure it's a one-line code fix to change this using something like "if artistTrackcount = 0 then select next artist"

  • N.Anselmo

    It's incredible that Spotify doesn't has anything from Metallica or AC/DC, for example…

  • Gus32

    @N.Anselmo, some artists ask for don't be on the internet (Deezer, Jiwa or others), I think it's totally stupid, we can't try before buy if we want.

  • alvareo

    Yes, the recommendations are totally wrong.
    It always recommends me artists which are NOTHING like I've listened to.

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