Who to Follow on Twitter for Spotify Users

Here is an updated list of Twitter users who specialize in Spotify-related tweets and services. I’ve broken the list down into sections depending on the type of tweeter.

Spotify Twitter List

  • @afront/spotify – This list follows the 10 most useful and interesting Spotify-related tweeters.

Spotify News Tweeters

  • @spotify – The official Spotify Twitter page, updated on a daily basis by Spotify staffers.
  • @afront – my own Pansentient League stream. I tweet Spotify news stories and commentary not found on the official Spotify site, with the occasional link to new albums or playlists
  • @onthespotify – Eardrum’s writer Knut runs this twitter page with news, tips, and playlists.
  • @SpotifyLinks -Twitter page for spotifylinks.com. Tweets whenever the main Spotify blog is updated plus a few other Spotify-related items.
  • @SpotifyFM – Spotify news and views, from the creator of the excellent Spotify + Last.fm mashup SpotifyFM.


  • @spotwitfy – Twitter companion page to the spotwitfy.com service.
  • @spotitweets – Bot that monitors and retweets tweets containing links to tunes on Spotify
  • @spotibot – Brilliant new bot that replies to your music request tweets with a recommended Spotify link. See the spotibot website for more details.
  • @Spotifyrocks – General tweets from the creator of spotifyplaylists.co.uk
  • @Spotweets – Twitterbot that re-tweets any Spotify track posted on Twitter – OFFLINE
  • @newspotifyalbum – A new Twitter user who tweets links to newly-available albums and singles on Spotify.
  • @spotifyuri – Follows public timeline for Spotify resources and replies with artist/album/track information.
  • @thursplayIt’s like the popular Music Monday on Twitter (#musicmonday) but for Spotify. Discover new music, share your Spotify playlists every Thursday via #thursplay

Playlist Site Twitterers

Other Spotify-Related Twitter Pages

  • @freshspotify -Frequently updated stream from the creator of freshspotify.com.
  • @spotad – A bot that’s “keeping an eye on spotify advert reactions
  • @spotifydj – Announces new DJs using the Spotify DJ Air app.
  • @asmitter – Developer of spotibot.
  • @uberspotify – Actually I’m not too sure what this Twitter user is. He sure likes the ♫ character though!
  • @weloverecords – Tweets daily specials such as song-of-the-day, jazz record of-the-day, electro record-of-the day. Also sometimes tweets Spotify news.
  • @newonspotify – Tweeting a selection of the latest indie, rock, and electro releases on Spotify
  • @spotifycrates – Tweets links to new music, old gems, playlists and samples

If you know of any other Spotify-related Tweeters, please comment!