Spotify Updates – Version 0.3.17

Today’s Spotify client update (Version 0.3.17 rev 49071) contains a couple of new visible features:

Enable High Bitrate

Select Edit > Preferences to set. For premium subscribers only, tick the Enable High Bitrate option to switch to the high-quality q9 audio stream (where available). This doubles the audio quality to around 320 kbps: perfect for classical music, ambient, trance, or any style with high-production values (or quiet bits).

Playlist Details

Custom playlists now feature the playlist name, author (if it’s someone else’s playlist), the number of tracks, and the total playing time at the top of the pane:

There’s also a lock icon to indicate whether the playlist is editable: your own playlists will be unlocked whereas someone elses will be locked.

  • Anonymous

    It double's the bitrate (and possibly the bandwidth costs …), but not the quality. What the point of q9 anyway? How many people could even tell that the current q5 tracks are lossily encoded if they didn't *know* that they are?

    I would appreciate a drop in the premium price a lot more than this q9 thing.

  • Anonymous

    I'd rather they correct quality problems with sources than use q9.

    This track (and others on this album) have glitches:

  • spotinews

    to anonymous #2: I assume you have reported that album to Spotify. With 3,5 millions tracks it's very likely that they have recieved some bad ones.

    I'm really looking forward to the high bitrate. Latest I heard was that it will go live on Friday.

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