Spotify Playlist Site Awards 2009

UPDATE: Check-out the playlist sharing site winners in the Spotify Community Site Awards!

Back at the end of February, I blogged a Playlist Site Awards post where I reviewed and rated each Spotify playlist site. A lot has happened in the past 4 months (including one playlist site that has come to dominate in the UK), so I thought it might be a good time for a 2nd Playlist Site Awards post.

Most Number of Playlists – ShareMyPlaylists

In four short months ShareMyPlaylists has come along and trounced the competition, providing double the number of playlists as #2 site spotifyfriends.

After some initial hosting issues, ShareMyPlaylists is now a fast and reliable site that’s seen a number of new features added since launch.

Listiply came out top last time, but it’s now slipped down to 4th place with just under 1,000 playlists. Spotyshare retains 3rd place, thanks to it now listing over twice as many playlists as before.

Most Features – Spotyshare


Spotyshare retains the title of playlist site with the most features, and with the 3rd largest selection of playlists, it’s certainly a contender for playlist site of the year. As well as all the features present in all other sites, Spotyshare also has a forum, community section, billboard charts, top lists, and an advanced search. I’m still disappointed though that the site requires lots of personal details to register, so if you’re keen on your privacy you may want to be careful what details you supply.

I rated each site based on the following features:

  • Could you upload cover Art, were there genres, can you search, can you view by user, can you login, is there any voting system, can you comment, and does the site count playlist views

This gave a maximum possible score of 8. Two sites had heaps more features that none of the others had, so they both scored bonus points. Interestingly only three sites recorded how many times the playlist was played (the “Counts View” feature appeared on Specifyspot, spotify*playlists, and SpotyShare), while almost every site had some kind of genre feature and comments system.

totalspotify came a very close second (it’s unfortunate that they’ve still to recover from their ISP’s disastrous loss of data), while former #2 site spotifyfriends slips slightly to joint 5th place.

Easiest to Use – Spotylist

Spotty Bill’s site Spotylist retains top spot in the ease-of-use chart: it simply is the easiest and quickest playlist site to both upload to and navigate.



Most Promising – SpotifyLinks

SpotifyLinks is a playlist site which includes a couple of unique and innovative features. Firstly it has dashboard widgets for both Mac and (via Netvibes) PC which provide a real-time update on the latest playlists added to the site (YourSpotify was the only other playlist site to offer this feature).

UPDATE: Check-out the playlist sharing site winners in theĀ Spotify Community Site Awards!