New Spotify Community Sites

Here’s a round-up of some of the new Spotify-related websites, services, and apps that have appeared over the past few weeks.

  • Spotify BTind – A mobile remote app for Sony Ericsson phones. All you need is an SE phone with bluetooth enabled and Bluetooth on your computer, then you can control Spotify from your mobile. (CURRENTLY OFFLINE)
  • Color Monkey Spotify Mockups – Design company Color Monkey have created some mock-ups of how they imagine the Spotify for iPhone client will look (thanks to semisans for spotting this one!)
  • SpotiFM – A Spanish-language site that seems to take control of what you’re listening to on Spotify via a DJ client app. The site publishes a varitey of lists (for example, Most Popular Tracks, Weekly Top 100) which you can then play on Spotify. For any track, you can view statistics such as which user has listened to the track the most as well as view the song’s video on YouTube. There seems to be a whole lot more to this site, but unfortunately there’s no English version so I can’t really do a proper review. See the related blog and their Twitter page.
  • Listas Spotify – Another Spanish site, Listas Spotify is a more standard playlist site where you can add and vote on playlists. They’re also on Twitter here.
  • Spotify vs OllyDbg – One for the tech-heads only, this link should probably go on the Black Spotify list as it details how you might debug the Spotify client.

See also the complete list of all Spotify-related sites.