More New Spotify Community Sites and Blogs

Here are a few more new Spotify-related sites:

  • Spotify Labels – A complete, clickable list of all the record labels on Spotify. That’s 21,668 labels in case you were wondering. Click on any label to search in Spotify.
  • The Best of the Worst of Spotify – A new blog that “aims to collect together some of the most horrendous albums ever produced and then made available via Spotify.” Highlights include posts on David Hasselhoff’s “Jump In My Car” and “Music for Gambling Vol.1” The music may be awful (or not – I actually quite like some of the tracks on the “Science Fiction Sound Effects Record”), but this site has some wonderfully funny descriptions of the albums: blogger azc’s sense of humour reminds me of tech site Idiot Toys making this the funniest Spotify site around!
  • newspotifyalbum – A new Twitter user who tweets links to newly-available albums and singles on Spotify.
  • Jockes Spotifyblogg – Per Johansson’s blog where he posts about albums and artists avaialable on Spotify, as well as the occasional news story (in Swedish).
  • Fire Spot – an experimental Firefox add-on that that analyzes webpages for tracklists. Anything flagged as a track receives a green small spotify-like logo. Clicking the logo performs a search in Spotify. This seems similar to the Greasemoney script but not only for and in an easy-to-install add-on. Note this is untested so use at your own risk!