Latest Spotify Community Sites and Blogs

Quite a few new Spotify-related sites have appeared since I last posted a round-up, including some great new resources to check out:

  • Spotify Web Remote – An unofficial app to provide a remote control for Spotify via the web. Once installed on a Windows PC, use any web browser on any device to start, stop, and move through tracks in a playlist. The site has a couple of demo videos (showing how to use the browsers in an iPhone and BlackBerry to control Spotify) and full setup instructions.
  • @spotifyuri – A Twitter bot that scans the Twitter stream for Spotify URIs and replies to the Tweeter with the artist, album, and track title.
  • Decode Spotify URIs – From the creator of the spotifyuri Twitter-bot, this site lets you paste in any Spotify URI or HTTP link then returns a nicely-formatted webpage showing the album or single’s track details, album art, year, duration etc.

  • The (other) Spotify Blog – Joining the fray, here’s a new Spotify news site that aggregates and reposts Spotify stories from around the Web. Not sure who writes this, but s/he also adds some unique commentary to each story, so well worth checking out.

There are also several new playlist sites:

  • RadioHug – One man’s quest to provide a new Spotify playlist every day.
  • Spotify Playlists – A French playlist site (in English) with a very easy-to-use interface.
  • SnAAbs Playlist – A great new playlist blog from Denmark (in English), SnAAbs Playlist features some interesting festival-related posts and some snazzy graphics.
  • TRANSITION STOKIFY – Swedish Spotify playlist site that specializes in movie soundtracks.

Do you know of any other new Spotify-related sites or blogs? If so, let us know in the comments below!