Weekly Tweet Roundup (w/end 17 May 09)

Here’s a round-up of the Spotify-related tweets and links I’ve made over the past week:

  • Spotify passes the 3 million track barrier in the UK – rock on!
  • RT @charlesarthur: Guardian: Tech Weekly podcast: Spotify’s MD interviewed http://bit.ly/16h1ao
  • @spotify now has over 8 times more Twitter followers than we7…
  • Niko Nyman’s insightful post “The future of Spotify and its competition” http://bit.ly/14oP2s
  • “Spotify unlimited downloads” story continues apace today, slowly merging with the “Spotify on mobile this summer” story
  • ‘Spotify offering downloads’ story still generating lots of buzz; “it’s true” vs. “it’s not true” about even on Twitter / Internet…
  • How yesterday’s ‘unlimited downloads from Spotify’ rumour came about | Music Ally http://twurl.nl/i1ixqy
  • RT @rob_fitzpatrick: Spotify story (£10/month unlimited downloads) “100% not a goer” says Spotify’s Jim
  • Lots of new italo-disco and synthpop on Spotify c/o Ghostly International. Tryout http://twurl.nl/23npgp
  • Spotify challenges iTunes with £10/month unlimited downloads | Brand Republic http://twurl.nl/427vi7
  • RT @markoteras: My short weep for the history of CDs and welcome to Spotify: http://twurl.nl/i3bolu

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