Top 10 Reasons Why Google Android is Better than iPhone

With the announcement of a forthcoming Spotify app for Google Android, here’s some reasons why I prefer Android devices over the iPhone. Obviously as an Android user I’m completely biased here and I freely admit the iPhone is certainly a slick gadget. However, I think Google Android is better than an iPhone because:

  1. You’ll be able to run Spotify!
  2. You can multitask.
  3. You can scan regular barcodes.
  4. You can add standard micro-SD cards to expand the storage.
  5. You’re not locked-in to one hardware device from one supplier.
  6. You’re not locked-in to one mobile carrier.
  7. It’s better value for money (over an 18-month contract it’s about £300 more for an iPhone)
  8. Apps are not over-censored and are available promptly. This means that Android developers can get updates and fixes out on a daily basis as they don’t need to go through a vetting approval process each time.
  9. It has a compass for e.g. Google Streetview.
  10. It integrates completely with Google services: gmail, google newsreader etc.
  11. You can easily change the battery when it dies.

Some of these reasons are down to the hardware, but they are still features not available on iPhone so I think it’s still a fair comparison.