Spotify on Facebook

As Spotify passes the one million user mark in the UK, here’s a look at Spotify pages, groups, and applications on Facebook.

Spotify Pages

Facebook has several Spotify pages, but there’s really only one you need:

  • Spotify – 176,464 fans. This is the official product page. It duplicates posts made on the Spotify blog and receives a dozen or so comments for each post.

Spotify Applications

  • Mixifier (Spotify mixtapes) – 136 monthly active users. Mixifier lets you share your favourite playlists by sending a “mixtape” to your friends in Facebook. Also see the Mixifier website.
  • Spotify Playlists – 726 monthly active users. Another playlist sharing app.
  • Spyfi – 27 monthly active users. Another playlist sharing app.

Spotify Groups

There are now over 500 Spotify-related groups on Facebook. Below are some of the most-subscribed ones (excluding the “I hate XXX from Spotify” ones):

  • Spotify Playlists – 5,822 members. Share your Spotify playlists and get fresh, innovative playlists back from all corners of the world. The most-subscribed Spotify playlist sharing group on Facebook, this one has over 600 wall posts. Founder Paul also runs a blog where he posts playlists and writes about music distribution.
  • Vi vill ha Spotify för film – 25,379 members. “We Want Spotify for Film” is a Swedish-only group with the aim of showing support for version of Spotify for film and TV.
  • Rädda Spotify – 3,279 members. “Save Spotify” is a Swedish-only Spotify group with the apparent aim of persuading the record labels to sign-up for Spotify.
  • Spotify in the States – 800 members. A group designed to show support for Spotify in the USA as well as other countries where Spotify is yet to deploy. The group has several discussion topics and a very active wall.
  • Save Spotify – the future of online media – 1,309 members. Group created in the wake of the news that sometimes Spotify has to remove tracks from some countries occasionally. No wall posts for a couple of months now.
  • Slutet för Spotify? Nu får det vara nog! – 380 members. “The end of Spotify? Enough is enough!” – Swedish-only group. Apparently similar to the Save Spotify group, this one also hasn’t had a post since February.