Spotify Super Search (Updated)

Here’s a new Spotify-powered tool: it’s Spotify Super Search!

With Spotify Super Search you can:

  • Create an advanced search query then click Search to search directly in Spotify!
  • Select whether to search on Artist, Album, Track, or any field.
  • Specify whether the result matches, contains, or does not contain your query.
  • Chain queries together using boolean AND and OR picklists.
  • Search based on year: exact match, before a certain year, after a certain year, or was released within a range.
  • Search based on genre. There are over 200 genres used in Spotify: Spotify Super Search lets you select and search on any of them.


Spotify Super Search is a beta-release and may still have a bug or two. Please let us know in the comments if you spot any glitches or have any suggestions (also see the Searching Spotify post on the official Spotify blog) . Note that Spotify Super Search lists over 200 genres, manually culled from Spotify (boy wasn’t that fun). I’ve tried to include all the main ones but I’m sure there are others I’ve missed. Please list any missing genres in the comments and I will add them in.

Note that Spotify Super Search is limited by Spotify’s own search logic and searchable fields. This is why, for example, you can’t yet search by record label or producer.


I’ve improved the year-range options to make it easier to search for a range of years. I’ve also added a dozen or so genres bringing the current known total to: 212 genres.

UPDATE 2 (11 March)

The completely re-written Spotify Super Search version 2 is now available. See here for details.