Spotify missing your favorite artists? How to Help

Spotify recently blogged about how fans can help get their favorite artist or label onto the service:

If they’re not a part of one of our current deals then the way you can help us is to contact the label or artists and let them know you want to hear their music on Spotify. We’re ready and willing to sign any label and they can contact our content team by emailing

Spotify didn’t provide any kind of email template to use, so here is one I’ve written especially for the job: simply cut & paste this into an email, update the NAME fields, then send it to the artist or label in question.

Subject: Please add your music to Spotify


I am a huge fan of your music and would love to see it available on the music-streaming service SPOTIFY.

Spotify is an ad-supported and premium subscription service that has over one million users and growing. Music fans run the Spotify program on their PC or Apple computers to stream (not download) high-quality music, interspersed with targeted advertising every 20 minutes or so.

Spotify has signed-up over 5,000 labels including Universal, Sony, EMI, Warner Music, Merlin, The Orchard, CD Baby, INgrooves and many more both large and small. They currently have over two million tracks available, with the license to add a further 4 million songs.

With immense revenue loss due to file-sharing, Spotify offers an attractive alternative as it is FASTER and EASIER TO USE compared to stealing your music. This is a huge incentive for the file-sharers to move to a legal and trackable service. A quote you’ll often see on Twitter is “I’ve not downloaded any music illegally since I started using Spotify”

It’s a real shame that INSERT ARTIST OR LABEL HERE is not on Spotify yet. Please contact the Spotify team at to learn more of the benefits to you.

Thanks for your time,