Spotify Bloggers United

As well as this site – The Pansentient League – there are several other sites coming online that blog about Spotify; be it news, reviews, or features. Check out:

  • Official Spotify blog (in English) – Of course this is the premiere blog to read for the very latest news and updates. It’s well worth reading the comments on each post too, as this is where you’ll often see links and tips from the Spotify community. You just need to wade through the noise of the many “why isn’t track X available in my country? Boo hoo hoo!” posts, but it’s worth it.
  • Spotify news and technology (in English) – Fredrik Kjell’s blog has frequent updates and is almost exclusively concerned with Spotify. Fredrik will also repost some of the bigger Spotify news stories. It’s a great blog and I thoroughly recommend it: just switch off those Snapshot popups Fredrik!
  • Spotmylist (in Norwegian: translated here) – a new blog that promises Spotify-related news, reviews, and “everything about Spotify
  • Spotifylistor (in Swedish: translated here) – This blog has the wonderful byline “the road to beautiful music in Spotify” and although contributors Emanuel, Alva, and Andil post lots of playlists, they also post Spotify news and features so check it out!
  • Spotifybloggen (in Swedish: translated here) – Dormant for a while, it looks like Spotifybloggen is back and better than ever: Anders’ blog aims to provide “tips, review and information” on Spotify.