Lastify – Love for Spotify

Another hack to add to the Black Spotify list, Lastify bolts onto the regular Spotify client and lets you Love, Ban, and Tag tracks back to This is an obvious feature missing from Spotify’s official client, but unfortunately for me this plug-in is for Apple Mac only.

Although creator George Brocklehurst calls Lastify a “quick-and-dirty hack,” it seems fairly robust and he provides support and updates via his blog.

Other Updates

A few other Spotify-related updates:

  • freshspotify has added RSS (atom) feeds for any artist: subscribe to a feed and a notification is posted to your reader whenever new tracks by that artist are added to Spotify. How fresh is that? See the freshspotify blog for details on this and some of the other new features.
  • Big thanks to plamere at the excellent Music Machinery blog for his post about this site. He calls it the “ultimate Spotify blog” Paul’s blog is all about music technology and he certainly seems to know what he’s talking about (just ask Slashdot).
  • Klokie

    Nice article. You should also check out FileRide, a free app for Mac and Windows which automatically pops up a little notification when you copy a Spotify URL or URI for a track, artist, album, or playlist, so you can bookmark and/or share it with others via Twitter or FileRide (free reg. required). It also works with local files (MP3s, photos, videos, PDFs, spreadsheets, etc) as well as YouTube videos and other links.

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