How to Manage Your Personal Spotify Collection (Updated)

Need an easy way to manage and keep track of all your music on Spotify? Once you’ve added more than a dozen or so albums to your Spotify list, it soon becomes difficult to manage them as they become one big long list in Spotify. One option might be to use blank playlist dividers, but this doesn’t let you nest, say a 60’s Rock and Roll folder in your Rock folder. Using one of the many playlist sites doesn’t really help either, as they’re all designed for sharing with others, not for managing your own music. So, how do you manage your collection of favourite albums on Spotify? One easy way is to do this: use your web browser’s bookmark tool.

Since everything in Spotify (albums, CD singles, individual songs etc.) all have a unique URL, you can think of an album as a website. Then using e.g. the Firefox bookmark tool, you can create multiple folders for your music and organize them by genre, by artist, or however you want.

You can take advantage of the browser’s bookmark features such as search, export, tags and keywords. If you use Xmarks (previously known as Foxmarks), your Spotify collection is synchronized across all your computers. You can even use Xmarks to share your music collection with friends!

To add an album:

  1. Search for the album or single in Spotify.
  2. Drag and drop the album (pick up from the cover art) onto your desktop or any folder. This creates an Internet Shortcut to the album.
  3. Open your browser’s bookmark manager (e.g. Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks)
  4. Drag and drop the Internet Shortcut into your browser bookmarks.