HOW many songs?

It’s claimed that Spotify are adding about ten thousand tracks a day. How accurate is this figure? A quick way to determine how many tracks are on Spotify is to do a search for:


This displays the total number of songs in Spotify in the Tracks section. I did this here in the UK on the 17th March and then again on the 27th March. The results were:

  • 17 March 2009: 2,460,513 tracks
  • 27 March 2009: 2,582,501 tracks

This is a difference of 121,988 tracks over 10 days, or an average of:

  • 12,198 new tracks per day

Impressive: it looks like Spotify are actually underestimating their track adds! Using this average, Spotify should be hitting the 3 Million track mark around May 1st.