A Brief History of Possible Music Sources

1978 Analog stream from wireless radio LEGAL
1979 Vinyl records LEGAL
1981 Cassette tape copies
1999 mp3 from Napster
2001 mp3 from eDonkey
2002 mp3 from Soulseek
2003 mp3 from Kazaa Lite
2004 mp3 from Suprnova (BitTorrent)
2005 FLAC from OiNK (BitTorrent)
2006 mp3 from Pirate Bay (BitTorrent)
2009 Ogg Vorbis stream from Spotify LEGAL
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  • Anonymous

    Uhm what about legal MP3 sources (like iTunes) or internet radio (like Last.FM)?

  • Lauri

    I agree, iTunes and Last.fm should be in there.

  • Afront

    Thanks for your comments guys. You’re both correct of course – there have been many alternative ways to obtain music over the years, both legal and not so legal.

    The intention of this post was to show that Spotify could finally bring wayward filesharers back into a more legal environment. This is why I added the keyword POSSIBLE music sources to the title: I don’t think the list would have had the same impact if it included legal Napster, itunes, pandora, etc.

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